Stages of the Game

Stage 1:

Xpansion begins with the land settlement of Kepler 22b, a relatively nearby star with the potential to harbor life. Colonists will be able to purchase land and equipment that can be used to harvest resources, which in turn are needed to upgrade the land with more advanced forms of settlements that can contribute to the player economy.

Planned Stage 2:

As the game evolves, new planets can be discovered and players will be able to build Arks to launch expeditions to settle new lands. The land on new planets may have different distributions of baseline resources as compared to Kepler 22b, which may in turn affect the evolution of the in-game economy. Building Arks will require significant expenditures of resources and will depend on the distance and types of new worlds discovered.

Planned Stage 3:

Warfare commences where players can raid each other’s territories, utilizing different units to different effects. The idea of warfare will be to create a balance of power between players and to potentially see the formation of alliances. Successful raids will be rewarded with riches and defeat will come at a cost.

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