Xpansion NFTs

Xpansion NFTs (Stage 1)

The intent of Xpansion is to provide utility to both land and equipment NFTs. Both enable the mining of resources in fungible token form, that in turn are required to upgrade Land NFTs with land settlements. NFTs are available in the following types and rarities:

Land NFTs:


Chance of Occurrence













Depending on rarity, Land NFTs produce different baseline amounts of resources and economic output. Different rarities may produce more or less of a particular type of resource.

Equipment NFTs:

Equipment NFTs will have the same rarity dispersion as Land NFTs, for each equipment type. The equipment types in Stage 1 of the game include:

  • Robotic miners

  • Material extractors

  • Material refiners

  • Laboratories

Equipment NFTs can be staked to land tiles. Each type of Equipment NFT provides a boost to the baseline amounts of resources produced by land which will depend on rarity. Certain types of equipment will boost the production of particular Resources.

There will only be one slot per land, per players, to stake Equipment NFTs. Players do not need to control the Land that they stake Equipment NFTs towards, but the owner of the corresponding Land NFT can decide how much of the Resource yield they wish to retain, by effectively taxing the Resource yield. The tax on Resource yield will be subject to a cap.

Players who stake Equipment NFTs towards Land that they own will receive the baseline resource amount produced by the Land x the Equipment NFT boost, which equals the Land Resource Output.

The Land Resource Output of each Land is supplemented by Land Rental Output, equal to an additional percentage of the Land Resource Output. Players who stake equipment towards land that they do not own get their pari passu share of the Land Rental Output, based on the boost factor of their equipment NFT, as a proportion of the combined boost factors of all equipment NFTs staked to the land.

How to optimally combine Land and Equipment NFTs is something that players will discover over time.

Resource types

Resources are required for Land Settlement upgrades. Settlements are permanent upgrades to land that can be achieved through crafting. Resources are also fungible resource tokens and the different types are described below:



Base metals


Life-sustaining molecules




Organic compounds


Rare earth elements


Each world will have its own Resource quotient. Starting with Phase 2 of the game, the resource quotients of worlds will degrade over time to reflect some resource depletion. The resources of a world will never deplete to zero.

Land Settlement Upgrades

Land NFTs can be combined with Resources to craft permanent upgrades to the Land (Settlements). The larger the settlement, the bigger the output of XPS by the land. Land Settlement Upgrades may also require Culture. Land Settlements include Habitats, Settlements, Colonies, and Arcologies.

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